How to Make a Bug Net in Terraria: Simple Steps & Tips

Welcome to the exciting world of bug catching in Terraria! If you’re new to the game, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to catching critters. Well, not only is it a fun way to pass the time, but you’ll also find that critters can be used for a variety of purposes, from crafting items to summoning bosses.

One essential tool for any aspiring bug catcher is the bug net. With this handy item, you can catch all sorts of critters, from fireflies and butterflies to worms and snails. In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to craft your very own bug net, as well as provide tips for effective bug catching and highlight some of the rare critters you can find in the game.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bug catching is an important aspect of Terraria gameplay.
  • The bug net is a must-have tool for catching critters.
  • Critters can be used for crafting and summoning purposes.

Crafting a Bug Net in Terraria

Before you can start catching bugs in Terraria, you’ll need to craft a bug net. Here’s how:

Materials Location
1 Silk Crafted from Cobwebs, found in Forest Biomes
5 Wood Chop down trees in any Biome

Once you have gathered the necessary materials, head to a Work Bench or a Table and Chair, and select the Bug Net from the Crafting menu. VoilĂ , you now have your very own bug-catching net!

Note: If you’re playing on mobile or console versions of Terraria, you can easily craft a Bug Net by opening the Inventory menu and selecting the Bug Net icon.

How to Catch Bugs in Terraria

Now that you’ve crafted your bug net, it’s time to start catching critters! Here are some tips to help you effectively use your bug net in Terraria:

  • Approach with caution: Bugs in Terraria can be easily frightened, so it’s best to approach them slowly and carefully. This will give you a better chance of catching them.
  • Time your catch: Wait for the right moment to swing your bug net. This might take some practice, but with time you’ll get the hang of it. Remember, patience is key!
  • Mind the damage: Some bugs in Terraria can be dangerous and hurt you if you’re not careful. Keep an eye out for poisonous or aggressive critters and catch them from a safe distance.
  • Find the right biome: Different bugs can be found in different biomes in Terraria. For example, fireflies can only be caught at night in grassy areas, while worms can be found underground.

By following these tips, you’ll soon have a bug collection to rival any other Terrarian!

Rare Critters in Terraria

If you’re looking to expand your critter collection in Terraria, there are some rare and unique bugs that are worth catching. These critters may be more difficult to find or catch than others, but the rewards can be well worth it.

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Golden Bug Net

The Golden Bug Net is an upgraded version of the standard bug net that has a larger catch range and can catch critters faster. To craft it, you’ll need a Bug Net and 1 Gold Bar. This net is especially useful for catching fast-moving critters such as Butterflies and Fireflies.

Glowing Snail

The Glowing Snail is a rare critter that can only be found in the Glowing Mushroom biome. It emits a soft glow and can be caught with a Bug Net. If you release it, it will act as a light source wherever it lands. It can also be used as bait for fishing.


The Lavafly is a unique critter that can be found in the Underworld biome. It is immune to lava and can be caught with a Bug Net. It can also be used as bait for fishing in the Underworld. Be careful when catching this critter, as it can deal fire damage if not caught quickly.


The Buggy is a rare critter that can only be caught during the Rain event. It can be found flying around during a rainstorm and can be caught with a Bug Net. When released, it will follow the player around and act as a pet.

With these rare critters and many more to catch, bug catching can be a fun and rewarding activity in Terraria. Happy hunting!

Bug Net Accessories in Terraria

Aside from the basic bug catching net, Terraria offers a variety of accessories that can enhance your bug catching capabilities. Consider using these accessories to improve your chances of catching rare or elusive critters!

1. Golden Bug Net: This upgraded bug net has a larger catch range and can be crafted by using a bug net and 1 Golden Bar at an Iron or Lead Anvil.

2. Butterfly Dust: This item can be used to increase the spawn rates of Butterflies and Moths. It can be obtained from catching Butterflies and Moths with the bug net.

3. Bug Catcher: This accessory can be found in the Underground Jungle and can be equipped to increase the chances of catching bugs and butterflies. It also increases the chances of catching bait.

4. Bug Lamp: This accessory can be found in Gold Chests in the Dungeon. It illuminates surrounding areas and increases spawn rates of bugs and critters.

5. Scarab Bomb: This explosive item can be thrown to catch multiple bugs at once. It can be bought from the Dye Trader for 5 gold coins.

Bug Net Strategies and Tips

As you become more familiar with bug catching in Terraria, you may find yourself looking for ways to optimize your efficiency or improve your strategy. Here are some additional tips to help you become a bug catching pro:

  • Use bait: Some critters are attracted to specific types of bait, which can increase your chances of catching them. Experiment with different types of bait to see what works best.
  • Plan your bug catching expedition: Consider the time of day, weather, and biome you’ll be exploring to maximize your chances of finding specific critters. Some critters only spawn during certain times of day or in specific biomes.
  • Learn attack patterns: Some bugs, such as bees or hornets, may attack you when you try to catch them. Learn their attack patterns to avoid taking damage or interrupting your catch.
  • Expand your collection: Don’t just settle for catching the same critters over and over again. Explore new biomes and areas to find rare and exotic critters to add to your collection.
  • Upgrade your bug net: As you progress through the game, you may find opportunities to upgrade your bug net or acquire new bug catching tools. Take advantage of these upgrades to increase your catching range or speed.
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Using the Bug Net in Multiplayer

If you’re playing Terraria with friends or in a multiplayer setting, bug catching can be a fun and competitive activity. Consider organizing bug catching challenges or races to see who can catch the most critters in a set amount of time. You can also collaborate with other players to find and catch rare critters or obtain specific materials.

Just remember to be respectful of other players’ gameplay styles and strategies. Some players may prefer to catch bugs solo, while others enjoy the multiplayer aspect of bug catching. Communicate with your fellow players to find a balance that works for everyone.

Bug Net Upgrades and Variations

In Terraria, there are several upgrades and variations of the bug net that can enhance your bug-catching abilities. These upgrades can provide increased catching range, speed, and effectiveness, making it easier to catch those elusive critters.

One of the most notable bug net upgrades is the Golden Bug Net, which can be crafted using a Bug Net and 1 Gold Bar at an Iron Anvil. This version of the bug net has increased range and can catch critters much faster than the standard bug net.

Another variation of the bug net is the Lavaproof Bug Net, which can be crafted using a Bug Net and 1 Hellstone Bar at an Iron Anvil. As its name suggests, this bug net is resistant to lava and can be used to catch critters that spawn near or in lava pools.

If you’re interested in catching critters at night, the Illuminated Bug Net might be the perfect upgrade for you. This bug net is crafted using a Bug Net and 1 Firefly at an Iron Anvil and emits a small amount of light, making it easier to see and catch critters in the dark.


Some bug net upgrades require specific materials or conditions to be crafted, so make sure to check the Terraria Wiki for the exact crafting requirements before you start gathering materials. Additionally, bug net upgrades can also be found as loot from certain enemies or chests, so keep an eye out for these rare finds.

Bug Net and Multiplayer Gameplay

Bug catching in Terraria can be a fun and engaging activity to share with friends in multiplayer mode. Players can collaborate to catch a variety of critters and compete to see who can collect the most or rarest ones.

In multiplayer mode, players can team up to explore and collect critters in different biomes or areas. This allows for a more diverse collection and can increase the chances of catching rare critters. Additionally, players can trade caught critters with each other to complete their collections.

Players can also compete in bug catching challenges. These challenges can be simple, such as seeing who can catch the most fireflies in a minute, or more complex, such as catching a certain number of specific critters within a set time limit. These challenges can add a level of excitement and competitiveness to the game.

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It is important to note that some critters may only spawn in multiplayer mode. This means that players will need to team up if they want to catch these exclusive critters. Additionally, the use of bug net accessories can be especially helpful in multiplayer mode, as they can increase catching range and speed, making critter collection more efficient.

Catching bugs with the bug net in Terraria can be a great way to bond with friends and add another level of fun to the game. With the wide range of critters to catch and the various multiplayer gameplay options, bug catching is not just a simple side activity, but a full-fledged adventure.


Crafting a bug-catching net in Terraria is a simple and rewarding experience. With the right tools and techniques, players can catch a wide variety of critters and expand their collection.

In conclusion, bug catching is an important aspect of Terraria gameplay that should not be overlooked. Whether playing solo or with friends, the bug net offers endless opportunities for fun and adventure.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start catching those bugs!


Q: How do I make a bug net in Terraria?

A: To craft a bug net in Terraria, you will need 12 cobwebs and 1 iron or lead bar. Simply approach a loom and use the crafting menu to combine the materials into a bug net.

Q: How do I catch bugs in Terraria?

A: To catch bugs in Terraria, equip the bug net and approach a bug or critter. Use the net to swing at the bug and catch it. Be careful not to swing too early or too late, as you may miss or damage the critter.

Q: What are some rare critters in Terraria?

A: Some rare critters in Terraria include the Golden Bug, the Glowing Snail, and the Scorpions. These critters have special properties or abilities and can provide unique rewards when caught.

Q: Are there any accessories that can enhance bug catching abilities in Terraria?

A: Yes, there are accessories in Terraria that can increase your bug catching range, speed, or effectiveness. Some examples include the Bug Catching Net+, the Bug Catcher’s Gloves, and the Bug Catcher’s Hat.

Q: What are some strategies and tips for bug catching in Terraria?

A: To improve your bug catching efficiency in Terraria, try exploring different biomes or areas, as certain critters may only appear in specific locations. Additionally, maximizing critter spawns by creating suitable environments can increase your chances of encounter.

Q: Are there any upgrades or variations of the bug net in Terraria?

A: Yes, there are bug net upgrades and variations available in Terraria. The Lavaproof Bug Net, obtained from the Angler NPC after completing fishing quests, allows you to catch critters in lava. The Golden Bug Net is another upgrade that increases your bug catching range.

Q: How can bug catching with the bug net be incorporated into multiplayer gameplay in Terraria?

A: In multiplayer gameplay, players can collaborate and compete in bug catching challenges. You can set up bug catching races or see who can catch the most critters within a given time frame. This adds an extra element of excitement and interaction to the game.