Uncover the Mysteries of Farkas Skyrim: A Gamer’s Guide

Welcome to our guide to one of the most beloved characters in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Farkas. This guide aims to provide you with everything you need to know about Farkas, from his backstory and role in the game to his unique abilities and quests. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Farkas or just discovering him for the first time, this guide has something for you.

Key Takeaways

  • Learn about Farkas’s backstory and role as a member of the Companions
  • Discover Farkas’s unique quests and rewards within the game
  • Explore Farkas’s werewolf abilities and how they can be utilized in gameplay
  • Gain insights on building a strong Farkas character and popular mods to enhance your gameplay experience

Exploring Farkas Skyrim’s Backstory and Role

Farkas is a key character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, a member of the Companions and the brother of Vilkas. Born and raised in Whiterun, Farkas comes from a family of warriors and has been training in combat since he was a young boy.

As a member of the Companions, Farkas plays a crucial role in the game’s main questline, particularly in the quest “Proving Honor.” He is a highly skilled fighter and can be a valuable asset to the player during battles and quests.

Exploring Farkas Skyrim’s Character Build

Farkas’s character build in Skyrim focuses on heavy armor, two-handed weapons, and archery. He is a proficient warrior with a high health pool and excellent stamina. Players looking to build a similar character should prioritize these stats and invest in perks related to two-handed weapons and archery.

In addition to his combat abilities, Farkas is known for his loyalty and trustworthiness as a companion. He is one of the few characters in the game who cannot be turned against the player through dialogue or actions.

“Kodlak trusted you. And so did I. It’s not about changing the world. It’s about doing our best to leave the world… the way it is. It would be better if we had more coin, that’s true, but we fight because we must.” – Farkas

Farkas also has a strong sense of honor and duty, which is reflected in his role as a member of the Companions. His dedication to his fellow warriors, his family, and the people of Whiterun make him a compelling character and a fan favorite.

Farkas Skyrim: A Trustworthy Companion

As a member of the Companions, Farkas Skyrim is a loyal and dependable companion to have by your side during quests. He is an experienced warrior and can provide valuable support in combat situations. Additionally, Farkas has a kind heart and can offer emotional support to the player character.

One of the benefits of having Farkas as a companion is his willingness to carry items for the player. This can be especially useful for those who tend to gather and carry large amounts of loot.

Furthermore, Farkas is a great choice for those who prefer a straightforward and honorable playstyle. He values courage, loyalty, and honor, and will not tolerate any unethical behavior from the player character.

Overall, Farkas Skyrim is a trustworthy and valuable companion to have during your adventures in the world of Skyrim.

Embarking on Farkas Skyrim’s Quests

Farkas, a member of the Companions, offers a variety of unique quests in Skyrim. These quests are only available to those who are part of the Companions and have completed certain requirements.

The first quest offered by Farkas is called “Trouble in Skyrim” where he asks the Dragonborn to clear out a specific location of enemies. This is a simple and straightforward quest that helps the player get used to working with Farkas.

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The second quest is “Family Heirloom” where Farkas asks the player to retrieve a family sword that was stolen from him. This quest is a bit more challenging, as it involves fighting through a dungeon and facing tough enemies.

The third quest is “Retrieval” where Farkas asks the player to retrieve a fragment of Wuuthrad, an ancient and powerful weapon that belongs to the Companions. This quest takes the player through a series of locations where they will face fierce monsters and traps.

Completing these quests not only earns the player gold and valuable items, but also helps enhance their reputation with the Companions. Additionally, completing all of Farkas’s quests will ultimately lead to the player being able to accept a very special mission from Kodlak Whitemane himself.

The Benefits of Completing Farkas Skyrim’s Quests

Not only do Farkas’s quests provide valuable rewards, but they also help the player build a stronger relationship with him. Completing Farkas’s quests will increase his disposition towards the player, making him a more valuable companion during battles.

Moreover, engaging in Farkas’s quests also provides the player with new and exciting locations to explore, as well as a deeper understanding of the Companions’ history and traditions.

Embarking on Farkas Skyrim’s quests is an excellent way to dive deeper into the game, explore new areas, and experience unique storylines.

Unleashing Farkas Skyrim’s Werewolf Abilities

One of Farkas Skyrim’s most intriguing abilities is his capacity to transform into a werewolf. When selecting Farkas as a companion, players gain access to this unique trait that can be employed in combat and exploration.

Werewolf transformation provides additional statistics such as increased strength, health, and stamina. Players can also benefit from the werewolf’s unique abilities, such as howl or sprint, or use it as a last resort to fight off enemies.

However, being a werewolf does have drawbacks. Players cannot access their inventory or use spells. Moreover, the transformation comes with a timer, which eventually forces players to revert to their default form. Players need to keep an eye on their werewolf timer or find a cure to prevent transformation fatigue.

Overall, Farkas Skyrim’s werewolf abilities offer a unique opportunity for players to enhance their gameplay experience. Whether used for combat or exploration, transforming into a werewolf with Farkas by your side brings another layer of excitement and intrigue to the game.

Farkas Skyrim: A Potential Marriage Candidate

If you’re looking for a companion with a heart of gold, Farkas Skyrim might just be your perfect match. As a member of the Companions and a fearsome warrior, he’s an excellent addition to any player’s team. But did you know that he’s also a potential marriage candidate in the game?

If you decide to pursue a romantic relationship with Farkas, there are some requirements you’ll need to fulfill first. You must complete the Companions questline, including all of the radiant quests that Farkas gives you. You’ll also need to complete the quest “Purity” and become the Harbinger of the Companions.

Once you’ve achieved these goals, you can express your interest in Farkas by wearing an Amulet of Mara and speaking to him. If he’s interested in you too, he’ll agree to marry you.

So, why should you consider marrying Farkas? For one, he’s an extremely loyal spouse who will always have your back in battle. He also comes with his own unique set of skills, which can be valuable in completing quests and overcoming challenges. And let’s not forget, he’s also easy on the eyes.

If you’re interested in marrying Farkas, keep in mind that there are some limitations to the relationship. He won’t move into your house or provide any financial help, and he won’t offer any unique dialogue options outside of his marriage dialogue. But if you’re looking for a partner who’s strong, dependable, and will always be there for you, Farkas Skyrim might just be the one for you.

Behind the Voice: Farkas Skyrim’s Voice Actor

Farkas Skyrim’s voice is a standout feature in the game, bringing the character to life with a blend of strength and vulnerability. The talented voice actor behind this iconic character is the renowned American actor and voice artist, Michael Gough.

Gough has lent his voice to many popular video games, including Fallout 4, World of Warcraft, and the Batman: Arkham series. His extensive experience in the industry is evident in the depth and complexity he brings to his characters, including Farkas Skyrim.

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The actor’s voice work in Skyrim is particularly impressive, capturing both the fierce warrior and the loyal companion aspects of Farkas’s character. Whether it’s in battle or in conversation, Gough delivers a performance that keeps players engaged and invested in the game.

Engage with Farkas Skyrim: Dialogue Options

Interacting with Farkas in Skyrim opens up a range of dialogue options that can affect the gameplay experience. Here are some tips to maximize your interactions with Farkas:

  • Always speak to Farkas before and after every quest to gain insight into his character and motivations.
  • Choose dialogue options that align with Farkas’s honorable and loyal personality to increase his favor towards you.
  • Compliment Farkas’s combat skills and bravery to strengthen your bond and increase his willingness to join you in future quests.
  • Be mindful of your actions and decisions as they can affect your relationship with Farkas. Avoid stealing or committing crimes in his presence as it can lower his opinion of you.

Unlocking Farkas’s full potential as a companion and ally requires careful attention to dialogue options and building a strong relationship with him. Keep these tips in mind to make the most of your interactions with Farkas in Skyrim.

Tips and Tricks for Building a Strong Farkas Skyrim Character

If you’ve decided to focus on Farkas as your ally in Skyrim, here are some tips and tricks to help you build a strong character:

1. Focus on Heavy Armor and Two-Handed Weapons

Farkas is an expert in heavy armor and two-handed weapons. To fully utilize his potential, invest in these skills early on in the game. Prioritize leveling up these skills and allocating perk points to enhance them.

2. Complete the Companions Questline

As a member of the Companions, Farkas has a significant role in their questline. Completing it will not only provide a more in-depth understanding of Farkas’s character but also grant you access to unique abilities and rewards.

3. Discover Farkas’s Werewolf Abilities

As a werewolf, Farkas possesses unique abilities that can be unlocked by completing certain quests in the game. Experiment with these abilities and learn how to use them effectively in combat.

4. Utilize Farkas as a Follower

Farkas can accompany you on your quests and provide valuable assistance in combat. Also, he can hold an additional 300 units of weight, making him an ideal pack mule for loot.

5. Consider Marrying Farkas

If you’re looking for a spouse in Skyrim, Farkas is a viable option. As a companion, he has proven his loyalty, and marrying him grants you the additional perk of training in Two-Handed weapons for free once a day.

6. Take Advantage of Farkas’s Skills During Boss Battles

Farkas’s expertise in heavy armor and two-handed weapons make him a valuable asset during boss battles. Use him to distract enemies while you deal the finishing blow or have him engage in melee combat while you provide ranged support.

By following these tips and tricks, you can build a formidable Farkas Skyrim character that will aid you in your adventures and quests.

Exploring Farkas Skyrim Mods and Enhancements

If you’re looking to enhance your Farkas Skyrim gaming experience, you can explore popular mods and enhancements available to the character.

One such mod is the “Farkas Overhaul,” which alters Farkas’s appearance and adds a plethora of new abilities. This mod makes Farkas a stronger and more formidable combatant on the battlefield.

Mod Description
Farkas Enhanced This mod improves Farkas’s appearance, adds new dialogue options, and enhances his combat abilities.
Werewolf Perks Expanded For players who enjoy utilizing Farkas’s werewolf abilities, this mod expands the werewolf skill tree, allowing for more powerful attacks and unique abilities.

Players can also find new quests and adventures with “Farkas Quests,” a mod that adds additional quests for Farkas, allowing the player to further explore his character and backstory.

For those who enjoy role-playing, there are mods that allow your character to marry Farkas and adopt children together, such as “Marriage Mod – To Have and to Hold.”

Overall, there are plenty of mods and enhancements available for Farkas Skyrim, allowing players to explore new gameplay options and customize their experience to their liking.

Unlocking Farkas Skyrim’s Hidden Secrets

As one of the most popular characters in Skyrim, Farkas holds his fair share of secrets within the game. Here we explore some of the lesser-known aspects of this beloved character.

Visit Farkas’ Childhood Home

Did you know that Farkas had a childhood home in Whiterun? Located just outside the city walls, the home is usually locked, but if you pick the lock or obtain the key, you will find a few interesting items and some clues about Farkas’ family history.

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Experience Farkas’ Unique Dialogue in Cursed Form

During the Companions questline, Farkas will become cursed with lycanthropy. If you speak to him while he is in his werewolf form, you will hear some unique dialogue that you won’t hear from any other character in the game.

Find Farkas’ Secret Room in Jorrvaskr

There is a hidden room in Jorrvaskr that belongs to Farkas. You can access it by jumping onto the roof of the building and then entering through a small opening. Inside, you will find some interesting items and a written note from Farkas.

Discover Farkas’ Connection to the Dragonborn Prophecy

Farkas has a connection to the Dragonborn prophecy that is not immediately obvious. Through his dialogue and a few subtle hints, you can piece together a theory about his role in the prophecy and what it could mean for the fate of Skyrim.

Uncover Farkas’ Secret Affinity for Archery

While Farkas is known for his impressive two-handed combat skills, he actually has a secret affinity for archery. If you give him a bow, he will use it in combat and even comment on how much he enjoys using it.

These are just a few of the many secrets waiting to be uncovered within the world of Skyrim and the character of Farkas. Keep exploring, and you never know what hidden gems you might find!


Exploring the world of Skyrim is an adventure full of excitement and intrigue, and one of the most fascinating characters to discover is none other than Farkas. Whether you’re looking for a trustworthy companion to accompany you on quests or a potential marriage candidate, this guide has provided a comprehensive look at everything you need to know about Farkas Skyrim.

From his backstory and role in the Companions to his unique quests, werewolf abilities, dialogue options, and more, Farkas adds an extra layer of excitement to the game. With the tips and tricks provided for building a strong character based on Farkas’s strengths and abilities, you can even take your gameplay experience to the next level.

And with plenty of mods and enhancements available for Farkas’s character, you can customize the game to your liking and unlock even more hidden secrets along the way. So what are you waiting for? Start your journey with Farkas Skyrim today and discover all the amazing adventures that await!


Q: Who is Farkas Skyrim?

A: Farkas Skyrim is a key character in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim game. He is a member of the Companions, a group of warriors based in Whiterun.

Q: What is Farkas’s backstory and role in Skyrim?

A: Farkas comes from a long line of werewolf hunters and is one of the most skilled warriors in the Companions. He plays a significant role in their storyline and quests.

Q: Can I have Farkas as a companion?

A: Yes, Farkas can be recruited as a companion in Skyrim. Having him by your side during quests provides various benefits, including his combat prowess and support.

Q: Are there any unique quests involving Farkas?

A: Yes, Farkas has his own set of unique quests in Skyrim. These quests have specific objectives and offer rewards that can enhance your gameplay experience.

Q: Can Farkas transform into a werewolf?

A: Yes, Farkas has the ability to transform into a powerful werewolf. This transformation grants him enhanced strength and other unique abilities that can aid in combat.

Q: Is it possible to marry Farkas in Skyrim?

A: Yes, Farkas is a potential marriage candidate in Skyrim. By marrying him, players can unlock various benefits, such as a new home and a follower who can aid in combat.

Q: Who is the voice actor for Farkas Skyrim?

A: Farkas is voiced by actor Michael Gough in Skyrim. Gough is known for his extensive work in voice acting, including roles in other popular video games.

Q: What dialogue options are available when interacting with Farkas?

A: Interacting with Farkas in Skyrim offers a range of dialogue options. These options can affect the course of your interactions and impact the overall gameplay experience.

Q: Do you have any tips for building a strong Farkas Skyrim character?

A: Building a strong character based on Farkas’s strengths and abilities requires careful consideration. Focus on heavy armor, one-handed weapons, and werewolf perks to maximize his potential.

Q: Are there any mods and enhancements available for Farkas’s character in Skyrim?

A: Yes, there are several mods and enhancements available for Farkas’s character in Skyrim. These can provide additional customization options and improve the gameplay experience.

Q: Are there any hidden secrets or easter eggs involving Farkas Skyrim?

A: Yes, there are hidden secrets, easter eggs, and lesser-known facts about Farkas Skyrim within the game. Exploring these can add an extra layer of excitement to your gameplay.